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FAQ - QuickChange Incontinence Wrap

Please find a collection of our frequently asked questions.

Canada Is Open

The ability to order and have Quickchange delivered in Canada is now live. For Canadians, the product has already gone through customs so you should receive packages in 2 to 4 days barring any unforeseen delays.

Australian Customers

For those who live in Australia, you are able to order product from local inventory. Meaning that the product has gone through customs and can be delivered between 2 and 4 days. Please visit

UK Customers

For those who live in the United Kingdom, you are able to order product from local inventory. Meaning that the product has gone through customs and can be delivered between 2 and 4 days. Please visit

International Orders

If you live in an international territory, and we do not have a local website, please consider ordering from Amazon. They have the ability to ship anywhere in the world.

How much urine can the wrap absorb?

The QuickChange Wrap can absorb up to 500cc (17oz) of urine and the wrap stays dry to the touch. Keep in mind that the daily average output of urine is 1000cc. The wrap wicks moisture away to improve patient outcomes.

How does the QuickChange Wrap work?

The QuickChange Wrap contains a patented superabsorbent polymer (activated by fluid at body temperature) that absorbs the urine quickly after a patient voids. The gel quickly dries after it absorbs the urine which eliminates leaks and lowers the chan

Is there an odor within the brief?

The QuickChange Wrap’s gel absorbs the odor as well as wicking away moisture when a patient urinates.

Is there an adjustment period before the clients/residents get used to the QuickChange Wrap?

Feedback we have received from the clients and residents is that the QuickChange Wrap is comfortable from its initial use.

Is the QuickChange Wrap made in the USA?

QuickChange Wraps are manufactured in our Southern California factory of primarily American components.

What are the various layers of the QuickChange wrap made of?

The outer layer is a liquid proof barrier to protect clothing, skin, and bedding from urine leakage. The middle layer is composed of an absorbent gel and padding to quickly absorb and contain up to 500cc's of urine. The top layer next to the skin is

Is using the QuickChange wrap in a brief considered double diapering?

Double diapering can be illegal in certain districts and is heavily frowned upon everywhere as it can be viewed as a effort to cover up neglect.  QuickChange Wraps are designed to work by themselves to collect urine. In cases where a patient is both

What are the purchasing structures available?

Individuals can order directly from our online store and pay with a major credit card.  For institutions and facilities, it is recommended to go through traditional distributions channels. For small, independent facilities without distribution suppor

How frequently do we need an in-service training to guarantee that all staff are trained properly?

We understand that every facility is different and will work with your staff and administration to make sure that everyone is comfortable using the wraps on patients.

What training and marketing materials do we have access to?

Please check the "Downloads" section under "Resources" menu for downloadble items.  We are constantly expanding our marketing and educational materials to meet our client’s needs. Let us know what you need to have success and we will mail, email, or

What is the size of the box we will receive with the wraps?

The standard box sizes are:. 100 unit box is 2x13x10. 50 unit box is - 13x11x10. 10 unit Trial Pack is 13x13.5x2.75. All Online Orders are Shipped in discrete packaging.

After the first in-service, can we have your education staff come back?

Additional needs for product education will be addressed as they come up. In house training will be ongoing and constantly updated.

Is there an ambulatory male patient product?

We are always looking for a better way to serve a broader population of people and hope to have an ambulatory male product in the future.